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Antique French Rosary
This French Rosary was very hard to get any information on. I have taken it to 3 jewelers and 2 antique appraisers. The best anyone can guess is this: Yes, it is very old and pretty rare. The condition is excellent for its age. The stones are raw, rough (but now smoothed with age and use) garnets; the chain is actually bronze or copper wrapped coiled wire. The crucifix itself may have once had some symbols above Christ's head but they are now worn away from use. The cross is also silver which may or may not be original to the rosary itself. More than likely it is original crucifix. The stones and style of the crucifix is what lends the belief that it is approx. dated to the early to mid 1800's. Originating in France/Italy - could be either. Several of the stones are garnets the rest are jet black (common to that time/area). I can count 7 garnets - but all of the stones are so deep in color that there may be more. All are at least the size of my pinky nail. The size of this piece also lends to the belief that this rosary belonged to a man. Quite possibly a priest - as the larger crucifix was the custom for them. I acquired this gorgeous rosary from a box of French books at a Flea Market. I bought the whole dusty box of very old books and it was in a box inside a book that was cut out to hold the box. Whether this was a safety hiding spot or not I can only guess. I was thrilled with my find but after a few years think that it should go to someone who will appreciate it for the masterpiece that it is. If anyone has any information on this type of item at all - please let me know. I know even after it sells I will be very curious to know its exact information. Auction price is an estimation of the dealers/appraisers suggestions. Please do ask any and all questions on this item as it is not returnable. I don't know too much more other than what I have written but I want the buyer to be extremely satisfied with this purchase. I will assume all shipping/handling/insurance fees.
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