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Regarding damages to items that have been incurred during delivery: 

French Bleu Vintage is NOT responsible for any damage incurred to an item(s) during delivery. All items have been carefully wrapped (in many cases double boxed) and shipped according to USPS guidelines and regulations. Orders may be specially wrapped and shipped upon client request.

All of our orders are insured through the carrier (free of charge to the customer). Either USPS or UPS. However, please know that FBV cannot file the  damage claim.

*Only the recipient of the item (the customer) is able to file the damage claim and collect insurance reward.

Therefore, please do not return damaged items to French Bleu Vintage. That would cancel any chance of insurance reward. Simply let us know in the unfortunate case that damage of your item has occurred during delivery to you. Then proceed with damage claims as specified by either UPS or USPS on their "How to file a damage claim" pages.

We insure each piece based on cost of the item (sale) free of charge to the customer. However, many items are worth more than they are sold for and if you would like extra insurance for you newly acquired item, please contact FBV to discuss. 

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

Merci ~ FBV